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Noor International: who are we?


Noor International was created in May 2016 by its President Nisrine BARK, whose specialization in international trade has allowed her to integrate quickly into the trade world, through experiences in different companies and fields of activity, and travels abroad. Her expertise in international trade and her determination led her to found her own company, and to build her business and increase her clients' loyalty.


  • The sources of supply are European and foreign and correspond to the purchase of commodities, supermarket products and other miscellaneous products, in full containers, for resale and distribution in the African continent, via our importing customers. 
  • We do not store the goods but produce them on a "make to order" basis, in our partner factories, and ship them directly to our customers. 
  • The company's target market is Africa but this does not prevent it from serving other markets on request. 
  • We work to provide the best products at negotiated rates to all our customers. In this way we become an important player in their development and diversification. We add value to our customers and our business by suggesting our PEGASE products, in addition to some factory brands. We also accept private labels from our customers for certain products.
  • Purchase prices fluctuate, depending on market prices and currency rates (including eur/usd). This is hard-liner trade that requires a good follow-up, a careful thought and anticipation. A daily checking of rates, commodity markets and international transport are essential to understand prices and advise our clients. 


Free in its ideas and objectives to achieve, Noor International wants to succeed and serve the world in a more human way, by being closer to the Consumers and by providing them with the best.


Our logo perfectly represents our qualities and Company Values; it symbolises sharing, success and balance.

Its colours refer to the Earth and reflect our dynamism and continuous exchange with the world.

Noor International values


Human distinction

We are looking for partners who distinguish themeselves in their human qualities and professionalism. 

Our team and all our partners (clients, suppliers, etc.) share the same principles and values for harmonious and transparent communication. This state of mind should enable us to carry out successful and sustainable actions. Availability and constant self-improvement are the keywords. 



To make good business happen, Noor International is interactive and open to the world. We are different players, each acting at his or her own level, to converge towards a common success; we thus have a global impact through our individual actions.  



Good service and quality products ensure Customers' satisfaction and reputation in their own market.



Moving forward together to success, together as winners. We are committed to being responsive for a better world, and listening to you to provide the right service.

Our goal

Develop Noor International's product range and establish a climate of trust with our customers and suppliers or partners. 

Always be open to business opportunities, keeping in mind our priorities and market conditions.

Our Raison d'être

Africa is mobilizing and moving towards industrialization and innovation. It goes without saying that African consumers will have to open up to the world by welcoming more sophisticated products.
And Noor International is working to help them discover better quality, particularly nutritional quality, in our products.

Our vision

Achieving success through a competent, reliable, self-critical and empathetic work team.

Nisrine BARK

Being ambitious by nature, I have always challenged myself to succeed professionally. This desire to be entrepreneur and be independent has pushed me to aim high and far.

The circumstances we sometimes experience in our lives influence our way of thinking, positively or negatively. For me, notwithstanding their difficulties, they have inspired me to be positive and to create my own company in the field of international trade, a field I master and love, despite its great risks. 

This activity allows me to be multilingual and open to adventure. It is from there that Noor International is born.

Dare to dream... to succeed!

Being called back

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